Generate your 3D head model from only a single photo! Both the model and the hairstyles are detailed and fully rendered in 3D. Zoom in to see individual hairstrands! Don't put up with simple 2D cutouts! Observe yourself from every angle imaginable.

Select from the many facial expressions available to add emotion to your models!

Create a virtual anyone as long as you have their photo and watch as they make funny gestures!

Add special effects! Face paint, acne, wrinkles, freckles, makeup, as well as rendering effects, and more!

Remember to change the background to spice things up! Share the resulting image or the model itself via social media, email, or Dropbox! The app showcases a clean and creative UI which makes the app very intuitive and fun to use.

Included features:
  • Creates a model from your photo
  • You can tweak the resulting model
  • Throw some hair into the mix
  • Add facial expressions
  • Sprinkle some special effects
  • Share the resulting image or model with friends & family or anyone with a copy of the app!
Optimized for
iPhone® 5.

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Turn your photos into 3D head models,
because 2D just doesn't cut it anymore!

myMemoir is a journal / diary app for the iPad® with the unique ability to create eBooks (ePub and PDF). It includes the following features:
  • Simple user interface
  • Save multiple journals with themes, photos, and videos
  • Comes with 9 preset journal themes
  • Optionally password protects your journals
  • Displays date, time, and title for each entry
  • Keeps track of entries with a calendar
  • Search, browse, reorganize your entries
  • Imports plain text files
  • Create eBooks with pictures and video by exporting as ePub
  • Export, email, or send to Dropbox as ePub, PDF, TXT
  • Save backups to Dropbox or to your computer and restore them at a later time
  • Auto-saves upon quitting


This 2D action/adventure game places the fate of the world in your hands!

Aliens calling themselves the Nvaders have started invading the planet and it's up to you to blast them to kingdom come in this tilt & tap



Craving for a new puzzle?

Then stretch your mind away with this new refreshing and simple math-based logic game.

Rules are simple:
Drag the numbers and operations to a corresponding spot. When evaluated, every row and column must yield the same value. Rows are evaluated from left to right and columns top to bottom.
That's it!

Over 60000 puzzles in all!





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